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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Your nose doesn't know

Funny story, well now it is.  So since I am a fair skinned red head I go to a dermatologist once a year to just make sure nothing weird is going on.  My last visit was because one side of my nose is sinking in a bit.  My dermatologist said no skin issue and that I needed to go see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor then she gave me a list of the top of the list was the surgeon who just operated on my Dad.  Internal panic ensued.

Yesterday I had that appointment and thank goodness there is nothing seriously wrong.  I mean the cartilage in my nose is bowing and bending and caving in and since my skin is so thin it's very noticeable but aside from that I'm all good.  He did say a nose job was always an option:) Fuck that!

You know what? I don't care if my nose is going to get ugly, I'm beautiful from the inside out.  Ok I care a little.
If the truth be told I have always hated my big nose.
 But its part of me so I guess I'm stuck with it:) kinda like those small boobs I used to have and sometimes miss.
 Love this thrifted America Eagle dress 5 dollar!!!!
Pockets are always appreciated in a dress, and so are these looks from Ash.
Today I meet with an attorney at my Dad's to take care of a bunch of legal stuff.  I made a huge pot of tortilla soup to make him feel better.  Radiation will start in a few weeks as he is still recovering at this point.  This is what I will wear today to keep us smiling and happy.

 I also got some new shoes that I love by Alegria, great support and fun colors.

New shoes always put a smile on my face and these really make me happy.
 So take that caving in nose!!!!
If we can't laugh at the absurdity of aging what's the point in getting old!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Find me in paint and patterns

I've had such a nice weekend with the perfect mix of socializing and solitude.  I spent a good long time out in the garden, feeding my flowers, pruning and a pulling.  Being out in the dirt and sunshine makes me feel alive and pretty sore the next day:)  I also did a bit of thrifting and found some things to re fashion.  Heck I got my craft on big time.  I found this mirror for $3 and painted it and then tried to make it look a bit worn.  I'm quite pleased with the results and it brightens up our entryway.
I also made my very first Kawaii phone case.  Not bad for a first try but I plan on making one or two more. When my father in law saw this he said, "Where are the skulls?"  Don't you love it when people get you :)
 I never look at framed art when thirfting but when I did I found this fantastic fabric art collage. The back of it says it was done by Joan Dawson of Maldon Essex.  I painted the frame purple.  Thanks Joan, I love it!  Everything about it reminds me of you Clare.
I also found my very first granny square blanket for $3.
I hung out with my sweet friend Cristi of Kiss Me Kitty and 2 of her 5 cats.
 Her black cats are so mellow.
I wore my favorite pair of KMK leggings.
 I think you need a closer look.
This sugar skull girl is my favorite.


 This dog reminds me of several I know.
 My latest pair of Chucks found at Ross for $19.
 I heart hearts.
Have you noticed I never apologize when my posts are photo heavy?  I guess I'm just a visual person plus I'm a ginger and I have no soul.
 I made this ring and a few others from fabric covered buttons.  See, I was a busy crafting bee and I feel so much happier for it!

What do you do to find a bit of peace?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Basketball wedges!

This weekend was just what I needed and I almost felt guilty for enjoying it so much.  I did two paintings but I can't share them with you just yet as they are gifts :) I ate Thai food twice, went into at least 3 thrift shops.  I had a nice conversation with my Mom who is currently being spoiled by my step Dad from the comfort of her bed.  I didn't take any blog photos this weekend so these are from last week when the sun blessed us with her presence.
 I'm also wearing two new items, these killer pink tropical leggings by Cristi at Kiss Me Kitty
and my crazy new sneaker wedges!  I love them both so much!!!!

 The dress was a gift from our very own rock and roller Helga!

Ash has been annoying me a lot less these days and it's not pitch black when I finish work anymore. I try and appreciate the little things.  What small things are you grateful for these days?

Friday, November 2, 2012


I've really enjoyed seeing all of the Halloween posts!  Most imaginative and down right dirty goes to Helga ~oh sweet sister Mary such a crying shame.  On the opposite end of the spooktrum was Curtise and the most adorable gang of ghouls!  I didn't dress up this year instead Chris and I had a yummy dinner out and saw Silent Hill in 3D.  Like most films based on video games the picture pretty much sucked. However, there were a few insanely gruesome moments and that made it all worthwhile.  The nurse scene was by far my favorite.  I guess you get a smirk instead of a smile today ;/
I did wear a sugar skull tee that my sister gave me so it always makes me think of her and my star gazer leggings by Black Milk.
I picked up these knock off docs in Scotland for $30, I didn't want to hike around the Lake District in my pink leather boots.  They have faired well but are just starting to crack :( Cheap made in China crap!
 Sugar skull sleeves.
I have a massage scheduled for today and see a hot bath my future.  I picked up some yummy LUSH bath bombs and wanna have a good long soak afterwards :) I'm craving comfort food, warm socks on my feet and want a new book to read.  I think most of you gals are extremely well read.  So PLEASE can you recommend to me a book you LOVE!  Please tell me why you love it too I wanna know!
 This is how Ash fell asleep last night on Chris, ahhhhhhhhh's all around right.
Poor lil thing now she has a cold and has been sneezing up tons of snot.  I called the vet and she said not to worry.  Hmm.  How long before I should?  Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dumbells and drunks

Excuse my venting.
Yesterday I'm at the gym throwing some weights around you know getting my sweat on.  I don't wear my glasses there because I don't want to focus on anyone, I don't want to talk to anyone, I'm there to workout and get out. So there's this old dude who is always there he's super chatty, kinda annoying but so far pretty harmless.  Today I wanted to smack the crap out of him!
He wants to work into a machine with me so I say ok but OMG that is when I smell it, BOOZE, almost knocks me over!  He's all giggly talking about his cute grandson and looking at my boobs the whole time.  GROSS!  I do one last set and hurry off hoping he doesn't kill anyone driving home.  This is the same man who said to me a few days ago, "If I wasn't married." Apparently I am now at that age when dirty old men feel like they can hit on me, ENOUGH, outta my bubble!  All this on the morning when PENN State students riot over their coach being fired for allowing his assistant coach, a molester, to continue to prey on young boys. Priorities people!  It's not about football anymore it's about RAPE!!!!

Thanks for listening, now for some pictures! Here are some adorable sneakers that I would NEVER wear to the gym.  I look my worst at the gym, let's be clear on that~ I am not one of those girls.

These Nikes are so Miami Vice and they make me want a pina colada.
I love these orange and blue shell toes.
and this is a cool project, you can find out more here. I'd like Peetee and I to be buried in this j/k, maybe.

I have always been a fan of Tokidoki.  I have a purse, and laptop bag by him but the shoes have never felt right on my feet.  They sure are sweet though.

 I have been thinking about these boots for over a year now.  Does anyone have an opinion about rain boots? It rains a lot here, seems like reason enough, but are they uncomfortable? Hope your weeks going well, it's almost over.  YEAH!

Friday, May 27, 2011

My feet want these

One of the things I miss most about warm weather are the wide range of shoes I can wear. When I lived in San Diego I sported open toe shoes almost year round. I remember being a teen and thinking how dumb it was I had to wear shoes at all, what was I thinking. Shoes, just like anything else you put on, can say a lot about you. Here are some shoes I simply LOVE!!!

A nude wedge is a must have this season. I bought a pair similar to this and I can't wait to pair them with my new sun dresses. This shoe says, "I am paying attention to what's hot this season!"

These say, "I'll be going to Maui in September."

These say, "Keep dreaming Krista at $675 you will never be able to afford me."

One of my favorite designers of shoes is Vivienne Westwood. I own nothing by her but hope to some day.

These are the pair I have been lusting after!

Here she is, hmmmmmm, me in 30 more years?

And totally unrelated to her ^ I just bought this pair, straight from the factory in Korea....pray they fit!!!!

I love me some shoes!!!